Politic Policy

To provide our customers and partners, reliable and satisfactory service, we undertake to do the job properly, complete, on schedule using our quality systems and seeking continuous improvement, which will take us to the continuous improvement.

Business Solutions

Immediate response

With the intention to provide an immediate response to our customers, in S & S have a pool of people who are constantly trained to attend services at any time.


A slope less!

Through continuous monitoring by staff of S & S for inspectors you will not have to worry about the details of the inspection such as tracking the breaking point, monitoring inventory, an supply certified material online, etc. Let us take responsibility for these activities.


Complete and sufficient!

By S & S system are committed to gather the information required by our clients and translate it into our physical reports and then send a mail to the involved compendium where incidents include graphs for better visual management.


Knowing your needs and exceeding your expectations

To offer our customers the best service, ensuring the quality of our work.

Custom solutions

With Supplier Support you may find flexible support packages to suit your needs, material inspection, rework, assisted manufacturing services, outsource recruitment and selection of personnel.


Our staff is certified in methodologies AIAG X RED, DD & W, PPAP and APQP which offer services like making of projects in which these tools are required.


Through the engineering team performed analysis on inspection methods and flows defined to find the most efficient and effective for the provision of the service.